Cinema HD – Real Debrid Not Working [Fixed]


What’s the Deal with Real Debrid and Cinema HD? : The process by which Cinema HD obtains Real Debrid links has been updated in v2.3.0 and v2.3.1, according to the changelog. Users of the Cinema HD App are unable to use Real Debrid within two days of this upgrade.

If you still have problems with the app, check out our Guide to Fix Cinema HD APK Crashing, No Data, Server Error & No Links Available Errors. Just keep in mind that as our community grows, so will the number of issues we encounter; don’t worry about a thing. We’re dedicated to resolving every problem with our software; all we need is your continuing love and support.

What’s the Deal with Cinema HD & Real Debrid?

Let’s look at the details of this unexpected app error and go through how to fix it right away.

According to Real-Debrid, a recently updated program (they are avoiding using the name directly) was generating each and every link it discovered, resulting in an increase of traffic by two times. Real-Debrid had to put restrictions on the site to prevent against “DDoS” attacks.

cinema hd errors

There are programs that include the “Auto-Resolve” function, such as Cinema HD. This option is set to ON by default, and it resolves all premium links when they’re played. It’s auto-resolving every link it finds with the most recent Cinema HD upgrade, putting a strain on Real-Debrid servers and making it D-Dosed.

What Is the Solution?

However, don’t worry because we’ll provide you with a simple solution to remove Real Debrid and Cinema HD in this post. All you have to do is go to the Cinema HD Real-Debrid Settings and select Turn Off Resolve Premium Links.

cinema hd v2 errors

This option will disable Real-Debrid’s Auto-Resolve function, which is flooding their servers with requests and stressing them. After that, you’ll be able to utilize Real-Debrid on the most recent versions of Cinema HD without any difficulties or problems.


So, we’re back with another update that addressed the Cinema HD and Real Debrid Need Resolve, Buffering, and Not fetching the links problems. You may download the current version below, which has been fixed in this release.

Download Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD APK errors


Anyone else having issues? Please let us know if anyone has any other concerns. We’ve already fixed the Real Debrid Buffering Error. And, if you’re seeing a grey screen after installing this update, simply switch to this one to keep the service running in the background.

Cinema HD APK fix errors

If you’re still having latency problems or sluggish link scrapping, clear the cache on your device and the addon/APK. Also, go to your RD account online and clear the torrent download queue. Try to log out and log back in again; this will restart everything, and all services will return to normal operation.

Cinema HD

You can’t turn off auto resolve in Cinema HD.

According to the most recent news, users in previous versions of Cinema HD were permitted to turn off the “Auto-Resolve” function. Now, with v 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 installed, it appears that for a large number of users, the option to Turn Off Resolve Premium Links is disabled, preventing them from checkingmarking it. Furthermore, Cinema HD does not allow you to go back to earlier versions; and if you do not update the software, you will be unable to access it as well.

Cinema HD v2

If you are one of those who has utilized Real-Debrid, please check to see whether you’ve logged in to your account via Cinema HD. Please first login into your Real-Debrid account before attempting to uncheck the Auto-Resolve option if it is grayed out.

On a side note, if your problem has not been addressed, you might try using an older version of the Cinema HD App. It’s working wonderfully and there are no issues with it. You may locate prior versions here:

Download Cinema HD APK (Earlier Versions)

Real Debrid Isn’t Logging In Or Buffering on Cinema HD

Real-Debrid is a downloader with no restrictions that allows you to watch high-quality and non-buffering links for your favorite movies and TV programs. When Real-Debrid isn’t working, it’s understandable why users are irritated since their search results are empty.

Real-Debrid, on the other hand, works with a wide range of VPN services. Real-Debrid may occasionally stop working owing to VPN pairing difficulties. The following are the actions needed to restart Real-Debrid after it has stopped working.

  • Remove Real-Debrid from all the applications or add-ons you may be utilizing it on.
  • Close any other applications, as they may still be open in the background.
  • Disconnect your VPN if one is still active and force quit the VPN software.
  • If you’re using a proxy, disconnect it first to avoid leaks.
  • Re-launch the application with which you want to connect Real-Debrid and link your Real-Debrid account again.


  • Restart the VPN software and restart the VPN service.


Connected VPN

  • Real-Debrid is malfunctioning, not logging in, buffering, or crashing. This will fix the Real-Debrid Not Working, Not

Cinema APK Movies and TV Shows on Android Box & Smart TV

If Real-Debrid still isn’t working, it’s probably because your VPN connection isn’t suitable with Real-Debrid. Changing the server of your VPN is one solution. It’s also conceivable that your premium membership has run out. Check to be sure you’ve got the same information correct as well.

Final Thoughts on Real-Debrid and Cinema HD Concern

As an additional note, a significant number of customers are reporting that the suggested solution does not work for them. Even after signing in to their Real-Debrid account, the option is not visible or active. We apologize for the bad news, but if you’re experiencing this problem, you won’t be able to use Real-Debrid on Cinema HD APK.

The good news is that developers from both camps are working on it. With the next upgrade, the Cinema HD App will repair the problem so that the “Auto-Resolve” option is available or visible. Keep an eye out for further information regarding this issue. We’ll update our article as soon as a viable remedy becomes available. Thank you very much in advance.

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