The Magician’s Elephant – A Whimsical, Yet Slightly Disjointed Animated Adventure



The 2023 animated adaptation of The Magician’s Elephant, directed by Wendy Rogers, brings to life the whimsical world of Kate DiCamillo‘s beloved children’s book. However, while the film captures the essence of serendipity and imagination, it occasionally loses its footing in a sea of silliness.

The Power of “Anything is Possible”

One of the central themes of The Magician’s Elephant is the belief that “anything is possible.” This is a story that celebrates the magic of unexpected events and the power of hope in the most challenging of circumstances.

A Vibrant and Lively Cast

The film boasts a talented voice cast, with Noah Jupe delivering a heartfelt performance as Peter, the orphaned protagonist searching for his sister. Benedict Wong shines as the enigmatic magician, and Brian Tyree Henry adds depth as a palace guard. The cast brings vibrancy and emotion to their roles.

From Somber to Silliness

Kate DiCamillo‘s original text beautifully balanced somber moments with fantastical absurdities. However, in the transition to the screen, the film leans more toward silliness than depth. The city of Baltese, once war-ruined, is now a pastel-hued wonderland, lacking the gritty atmosphere that added depth to the source material.

Plotting and Character Challenges

The film’s plot occasionally falters with thinly defined character motivations and anticlimactic challenges. For instance, Peter’s quest to win the elephant involves a series of ludicrous tasks and encounters with underdeveloped characters, such as a ditzy king (Aasif Mandvi), which may leave some viewers wanting more substance.

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Balancing Belief and Commentary

While the film conveys the message of believing in oneself, it occasionally struggles with balancing this message and narrative commentary. The fortune teller narrator (Natasia Demetriou) breaks the fourth wall a bit too often, at times feeling like a lecture in the middle of a bedtime story.

The Verdict – The Magicians Elephant

The Magician’s Elephant is a visually vibrant and lively animated adventure that captures the essence of serendipity and the “anything is possible” spirit. While it retains the heart of Kate DiCamillo‘s story, it sacrifices some of the book’s depth for whimsical silliness. The voice cast shines, but the plot and character development could benefit from more substantial storytelling.

In the end, the film is a colorful journey filled with charm and wonder, making it an enjoyable watch for families and fans of the original story. However, those seeking a more faithful adaptation of the book’s emotional depth may find themselves wanting.

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