The Amazing Maurice reviews – A Whimsical Journey into Mischief and Morality

The Amazing Maurice reviews

The Amazing Maurice” the animated adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s beloved novel, offers a delightful and somewhat eccentric tale that will entertain both young and old audiences. Directed by Toby Genkel and co-directed by Florian Westermann, this film brings to life a quirky world where a clever cat and a gang of talking rats embark on a money-making scam that turns into a moral odyssey.

Plot and Storytelling (4/5)

The story revolves around Maurice, a streetwise ginger cat, who, along with a group of sentient and literate rats, masterminds a plan to convince townsfolk that they’re plagued by rats. This prompts the townspeople to hire Keith, the pied piper, to lead the rats away. However, outside the town, the truth is revealed: the rats, led by their charismatic Darktan and aided by Maurice and Keith, engage in elaborate scams to defraud towns. This plot setup takes inspiration from the Pied Piper legend but adds a clever twist by making the rats intelligent partners in crime.

Their next destination is Bad Blintz, a town facing a food shortage mystery that no rat catcher has been able to solve. The adventure takes an unexpected turn when they discover a sinister secret: the rat catchers are capturing rats alive for gruesome entertainment, forcing them into deadly battles with dogs. The film delves into themes of animal cruelty, exploitation, and the consequences of unchecked greed, offering valuable lessons for younger viewers.

Characters and Voice Acting (4.5/5)

The film boasts an impressive voice cast, including Hugh Laurie as Maurice, Emilia Clarke as the intelligent and inquisitive Malicia, and David Thewlis as the scheming Keith. Each character is brought to life with distinct and engaging performances, adding depth and personality to the story.

Maurice, the street-smart feline, is a charismatic lead, and his interactions with the rats provide much of the film’s humor and heart. The talking rats, especially Darktan and Dangerous Beans, stand out as compelling characters with their unique personalities and moral dilemmas. The chemistry among the characters is a highlight, making their journey enjoyable to watch.

Animation and Visuals (4/5)

The animation by Studio Rakete and Red Star 3D is visually appealing and filled with imaginative details. The anthropomorphic rats are well-animated, capturing their individual quirks and expressions. The film’s setting, inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, is whimsical and colorful, creating an enchanting atmosphere for the story to unfold.

The film’s visual style is a blend of traditional and computer animation, giving it a distinctive and nostalgic feel. While it may not reach the cutting-edge visual quality of some big-budget animated films, it has its own unique charm.

Music and Score (3.5/5)

Tom Howe’s musical score complements the film’s whimsical tone. It adds depth to the emotional moments and playfully enhances the mischievous ones. While the music doesn’t stand out as a memorable aspect of the film, it effectively supports the storytelling.


“The Amazing Maurice” successfully adapts Terry Pratchett’s novel into a heartwarming and thought-provoking animated film. It combines clever storytelling, engaging characters, and a touch of moral exploration to create an entertaining experience for viewers of all ages. While some may find the film’s eccentricity a tad overwhelming, it manages to strike a balance between charm and meaningful themes.

In a world filled with animated films, “The Amazing Maurice” stands out as a unique and worthwhile addition. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected allies can lead us on the most extraordinary adventures and teach us valuable lessons along the way. Whether you’re a fan of Pratchett’s work or just looking for a fun family movie night, “The Amazing Maurice” is a solid choice that’s worth a watch.

4.5/5 - Movie Rating!

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