Perfect Addiction (2023) – A Sizzling Tale of Love and Redemption

Perfect Addiction, directed by Castille Landon and based on Claudia Tan‘s Wattpad novel, is a rollercoaster of emotions, blending romance and MMA fighting into an engaging narrative. While it may not break entirely new ground in the romance genre, the film’s solid performances, well-executed fight sequences, and unexpected depth make it a compelling watch.


Plot and Characters

The story revolves around Sienna (Kiana Madeira), a young MMA trainer whose world crumbles when she discovers her boyfriend, Jax (Matthew Noszka), cheating on her with her own sister. Fuelled by anger and betrayal, Sienna decides to take matters into her own hands. She embarks on a mission to train a new fighter who can challenge and defeat her ex-boyfriend in the ring. However, what begins as a quest for revenge soon takes an unexpected turn as boundaries blur, and the sparks of romance ignite.

The film’s plot, while not entirely revolutionary, provides a fresh take on the romance genre, blending it seamlessly with the world of MMA. The characters, especially Sienna and Jax, are well-developed, and their emotional journey adds depth to the story.



Kiana Madeira shines as Sienna, bringing depth and authenticity to her character. Her portrayal of a strong and determined woman dealing with heartbreak and betrayal is both relatable and commendable. Matthew Noszka‘s performance as the charismatic but flawed Jax is equally compelling. His struggle to mend what he’s broken adds layers to his character.

Ross Butler‘s portrayal of Kayden, the enigmatic new fighter in Sienna’s life, is a standout. His complicated personality and undeniable chemistry with Sienna add intrigue and depth to the narrative. The supporting cast, including Manu Bennett, Poppy Gilbert, and Nicholas Duvernay, deliver solid performances that enhance the overall experience.

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Direction and Cinematography

Castille Landon‘s direction shines in capturing the intensity of MMA fights and the tender moments of budding romance. The fight sequences are well-choreographed, providing a visceral experience for the audience. Stephanie Sanditz‘s screenplay beautifully balances the action with the emotional turmoil of the characters.

The cinematography, coupled with stunning visuals, showcases the juxtaposition of love and conflict, making the film visually appealing. The film’s editing keeps the pacing engaging, with the story unfolding seamlessly.

Themes and Messages

Perfect Addiction explores themes of betrayal, redemption, and the transformative power of love. It delves into the complexities of human relationships, reminding us that sometimes, even in the face of betrayal, love can find its way back. The film’s message about forgiveness and second chances resonates with viewers.



Perfect Addiction may follow some familiar tropes of the romance genre, but its unique blend of MMA action and heartfelt storytelling sets it apart. The performances, especially by Kiana Madeira, Matthew Noszka, and Ross Butler, elevate the film, making it a worthwhile watch. If you’re a fan of romance with a dash of action and a lot of heart, Perfect Addiction is a must-see. It’s a story of love, redemption, and the unexpected paths our hearts can take when we least expect it.

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