“One Day as a Lion: A Short-Lived Roar in the World of Music”

One Day as a Lion” a musical collaboration between Zack de la Rocha and Jon Theodore, emerged onto the music scene in 2008 with an electrifying blend of rock and hip-hop influences. This short-lived supergroup, born from the creative minds behind Rage Against the Machine and The Mars Volta, left an indelible mark in its brief existence.


Musical Fusion

The EP, simply titled “One Day as a Lion,” released in 2008, immediately showcased the duo’s impressive musical fusion. Drawing inspiration from rap rock, alternative rock, and alternative hip-hop, the result was a sonic tapestry that defied easy categorization. Zack de la Rocha’s signature politically charged lyrics were complemented by Jon Theodore’s powerhouse drumming, forming the backbone of their sound.

Powerful Debut

The EP’s lead single, “Wild International,” burst onto the scene with its infectious energy, immediately captivating listeners. The lyrics were as thought-provoking as ever, with de la Rocha’s delivery as intense as during his days with Rage Against the Machine. The EP garnered critical acclaim and debuted strongly on the charts, leaving fans eagerly anticipating a full-length album.

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Unfulfilled Promise

Unfortunately, despite the promise of a full-length album in the autumn of 2008, “One Day as a Lion” remained an EP-only project. The musical landscape was left longing for a more extensive exploration of their unique sound. The band’s potential felt unfulfilled, leaving fans wondering what could have been.

Reunions and New Ventures

In the years following the project’s conclusion, the members pursued their own musical paths. Zack de la Rocha reunited with Rage Against the Machine for performances, maintaining his fiery presence in the music world. Jon Theodore found a home with Queens of the Stone Age and Bright Eyes, showcasing his drumming prowess on larger stages.

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One Day as a Lion” remains a brief but impactful chapter in the careers of its creators. Their EP is a testament to the power of musical collaboration and innovation, blending genres in a way that left a lasting impression. While it may have been a short-lived project, it’s a reminder of the creative spirit that can emerge when talented artists come together.

In the end, “One Day as a Lion” serves as a captivating musical snapshot—a glimpse into what happens when two musical powerhouses join forces, leaving us to ponder the potential that remains untapped.


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