“Huesera: The Bone Woman” Review A haunting and visually stunning story

Huesera: The Bone Woman




Huesera: The Bone Woman” directed by Michelle Garza Cervera, is a Mexican horror film that delves into the strange and mysterious aspects of motherhood. Released in 2022, the film won critical acclaim at the Tribeca Film Festival, winning “Best New Narrative Director” and “Nora Ephron Award” honors. In an era where horror cinema explores the multifaceted aspects of women, “Huesera” adds its unique touch by combining the horror of pregnant women with a haunting story that makes The audience stood still.

Discover the unsaid

The film’s central premise revolves around Valeria, brilliantly portrayed by Natalia Solián, a new mother haunted by an unnamed malevolent entity. In a community where rituals to banish such entities remain secret, Val searches for a solution that both terrifies and intrigues those around her. Her pursuit of what some consider “black magic” is met with skepticism, yet an underlying familiarity with such practices exists, as evidenced by a similar experience during her career. her aunt’s past.

A dark reflection of motherhood from “Huesera: The Bone Woman

Michelle Garza Cervera‘s directorial debut masterfully explores the darker aspects of motherhood. Valeria’s journey begins with a strong desire to become a mother, causing her to make profound sacrifices, including giving up her career as a furniture maker. However, as her pregnancy progresses, she faces suffocating paternalism from her husband, family, and even her doctor. Val’s rebellious spirit, rooted in her punk rock past and an ex-girlfriend named Octavia, strengthens her resistance to social pressures that force her to conform to traditional motherhood roles.

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Aesthetic beauty

Cervera demonstrates an exceptional mastery of millennial color palettes, blending the soothing combinations of pinks and greens that permeate the film’s imagery. Every frame, including establishing shots and dialogue, is meticulously composed and beautifully lit. The film’s score and sound design punctuate the story with chilling precision, enhancing the atmosphere of dread, making even the Spanish-language punk feel oddly soothing. strange in comparison.

What elevates “Huesera” is the rich character of Val, a woman torn between her true desires, societal expectations and self-imposed pressures. Her evolution from an intense desire to become a mother to a vehement rebellion against the patriarchal structures surrounding her pregnancy is portrayed with startling realism. Val’s struggle with her maternal identity, exacerbated by teasing and disturbing images of her family, forms a complex emotional tapestry.


While “Huesera: The Bone Woman” doesn’t reinvent its subgenres, it excels at presenting them through an artfully crafted vessel. The film strikes a delicate balance between terror and tenderness, making a personal statement within a familiar horror formula. It interweaves themes of motherhood, body horror, and possession in a way that leaves the viewer captivated and unsettled. Cervera’s bold and unflinching vision shines through, reminding us that sometimes, facing the darkness within is the only path to redemption.

In “Huesera: The Bone Woman“, audiences will find themselves captivated by a haunting and visually stunning journey that delves into a mother’s fears and challenges, delivering a A powerful cinematic experience that lasts long after the cut.

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