The Guardians of the Galaxy obtained Knowhere from its previous owner, Tivan. They chose to make it their headquarters after separating from Thor and Gamora. However, their newfound sanctuary was not without challenges. They soon found themselves under attack by Adam Warlock, a creation of Sovereign Queen Ayesha. Ayesha sought revenge for their actions in the second part of their journey. In an unexpected turn, she decided to take Adam under her wing, making him her personal bodyguard.

Rocket suffered severe injuries in the battle, hindered by a self-destruct mechanism that hindered his recovery. To override this obstacle, the Guardians embarked on a mission to Orgosphere, the headquarters of Orgocorp. The High Evolutionary, Rocket’s very own creator, viewed him as a valuable subject for study and promptly informed Ayesha of his existence.

With the assistance of Ravagers and the 2014 Gamora, the Guardians successfully infiltrated Orgosphere. However, their mission was swiftly disrupted by the guardians of the organization. It was Peter Quill who came to their rescue, activating anti-gravity suits, allowing the team to make a daring escape. As they delved deeper into their mission, they stumbled upon Rocket’s files, uncovering the grim experiments conducted by the High Evolutionary. Driven by their newfound knowledge, the Guardians resolved to seek out Theel, a scientist rumored to possess the coveted override code.

Following Gamora’s counsel, the team embarked on a journey to Counter-Earth. Unwilling to remain with the Guardians, Gamora secretly reached out to her Ravager allies, oblivious to the fact that Ayesha and Warlock were eavesdropping. Quill, Nebula, and Groot ventured onto the ship of the enigmatic High Evolutionary, while Drax and Mantis chose to remain with Gamora and Rocket.

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Drax and Mantis eventually teamed up with Quill and Groot. The diabolical High Evolutionary had plotted to obliterate Counter-Earth, but our valiant group stepped in to thwart his plans. Meanwhile, Gamora found herself under attack by a formidable swine warrior, only to be saved by the heroic intervention of Adam Warlock. In a brave act of self-sacrifice, Adam protected Gamora, even though he sustained injuries in the process.

Quill and Groot joined forces to thwart the High Evolutionary’s henchmen and apprehend Theel. They swiftly recovered his memory using the override code, just as Gamora swooped in to rescue them. Meanwhile, Mantis, Drax, and Nebula stumbled upon captive children aboard the vessel, ultimately forming an unlikely bond with the enigmatic creatures known as Abilisk. Eventually, they rendezvoused with the rest of the Guardians, overpowering the High Evolutionary’s formidable army.

Kraglin and Cosmo led the charge, bringing Knowhere into the heat of battle and releasing a horde of experimental creatures. Rocket, displaying both bravery and resourcefulness, rescued a litter of baby raccoons and triumphed over the formidable High Evolutionary. However, Cosmo struggled to maintain the vital connection between the ships, forcing Quill to make a daring leap into the vastness of space. Just as all hope seemed lost, Warlock emerged as his savior, ultimately reuniting the group on the ship that called Knowhere home.

In the present, the Guardians made the decision to disband, each venturing down their own path. Rocket took on the role of captain, while Quill returned to Missouri to reconnect with his grandfather. Mantis embarked on a journey alongside Abilisk, Gamora rejoined the Ravagers, and Nebula and Drax remained in Knowhere, tending to the needs of the rescued children. The newly formed Guardians group now consisted of Rocket, Groot, Cosmo, Kraglin, Warlock, Phyla, and an enigmatic Blurp creature.

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In the mid-credits scene, a tantalizing glimpse of a new mission emerged, while the after-credits scene hinted at Star-Lord’s triumphant comeback as he savored a meal with his grandfather.

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