Movie Review: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves


An Epic Quest with a D&D Twist

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” takes audiences on an exhilarating journey into a world of fantasy, heists, and unexpected alliances. Directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, this 2023 film brings the iconic tabletop role-playing game to life on the big screen, set in the richly detailed Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

A Star-Studded Ensemble Delivers

Dungeons & Dragons

The film boasts a stellar cast, led by Chris Pine as Edgin Darvis, a former Harper and charming thief whose quest for redemption forms the core of the story. Michelle Rodriguez shines as the stoic barbarian Holga Kilgore, while Regé-Jean Page brings charisma to the role of the paladin Xenk Yendar. Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis, and Hugh Grant round out the team of adventurers, each contributing their unique skills to the ensemble.

Dungeons & Dragons Nostalgia and Lore

For fans of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, “Honor Among Thieves” is a treasure trove of references and lore. From mentions of iconic locations like “Baldur’s Gate” and “Neverwinter” to the incorporation of magical spells and creatures, the film pays homage to the beloved tabletop game. However, it does so in a way that doesn’t alienate newcomers, making the lore-rich world accessible to all.

Flashes of Brilliance Amidst Shoddy Craftsmanship

The film shines brightest when it embraces practical effects and tactile sequences, evoking the spirit of D&D’s unpredictability. Moments involving the awakening of the dead and encounters with fantastical creatures stand out. However, the heavy reliance on CGI detracts from the visual experience, and the film’s world-building often lacks the depth expected in a fantasy epic.

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A Quest with Moments of Mirth

The movie captures the essence of a D&D campaign with its “make it up as we go along” spirit. While this approach lends itself to moments of whimsy and unpredictability, it also creates a lack of stakes and occasionally feels forced. The script sometimes prioritizes lightheartedness over genuine, in-the-moment storytelling.

A Mix of Success and Shortcomings

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” is a film that embraces its source material while attempting to appeal to a broader audience. Its success may vary depending on viewers’ familiarity with D&D, as well as their expectations for a fantasy adventure. While it offers glimpses of brilliance and a stellar cast, it also falls short in certain aspects of craftsmanship and storytelling.

Verdict: An Entertaining Yet Flawed Fantasy Heist

In the end, “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” provides an entertaining adventure that caters to both fans of the game and newcomers to the genre. It’s a movie that captures the essence of D&D’s unpredictability but occasionally stumbles in its execution. While it may not be a flawless cinematic gem, it offers moments of mirth and excitement that make it worth the journey for fantasy enthusiasts and heist aficionados alike.

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