Director of The Boogeyman Teases Exciting Sequel Possibilities

Director of The Boogeyman Teases Exciting Sequel Possibilities

The Boogeyman, the latest cinematic adaptation of a Stephen King tale, is currently captivating audiences in theaters. Despite fierce competition from high-budget blockbusters like The Little Mermaid, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, this horror flick has proven its mettle, amassing nearly $40 million at the box office and counting. The question now looms: could a sequel be in the works?

Director Rob Savage is already primed with an intriguing concept if The Boogeyman 2 gets the green light. During an interview with Horror Geek Life, Savage shared his thoughts on the potential sequel. He not only hinted at a promising idea for a follow-up but also revealed that 20th Century executives are showing considerable enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the fate of this sequel hinges on the final box office numbers for The Boogeyman, as Savage explained:

“We have an amazing concept for a sequel, and we’ll see if the numbers align for us to bring it to life. Mark Heyman, the movie’s writer, and I have been toying with this idea. We pitched it to the studio, and they’re genuinely excited about it. It explores a different facet of horror.”

Savage tantalizingly hinted at how this concept could potentially exist as a standalone film, separate from The Boogeyman’s universe. However, he expressed a strong preference for keeping the project connected to The Boogeyman, believing it could enrich the film’s mythology in a particularly “special” manner:

“While it connects to this movie and deepens its mythology, it also ventures into a horror territory I haven’t seen in quite some time. I truly believe it would be a chilling and fantastic sequel, even if it weren’t part of The Boogeyman universe. But its link to this film makes it unique. So, fingers crossed we get the chance to do it. We’ve got something exciting in the works if it happens.”

The Boogeyman Pushes the Boundaries of Its PG-13 Rating

The Boogeyman has been surprising audiences with scenes that, despite its PG-13 rating, have pushed the envelope. In the interview with Horror Geek Life, Savage was asked about a shocking early moment in the film and the intense climax of the video game sequence. To his surprise, these scenes passed muster with the MPAA without any issues:

“I genuinely thought these were the two scenes that would never make it past the MPAA. It’s strangely gratifying that they had no objections.”

The film adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “The Boogeyman” boasts a screenplay by Scott Beck, Bryan Woods, and Mark Heyman. The movie features a talented cast including Sophie Thatcher, Chris Messina, Vivien Lyra Blair, and David Dastmalchian. Don’t miss the spine-tingling experience now playing in theaters.

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