“Cobweb” Review – A Chilling Tale of Family Secrets and Horror

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A Dark Debut: Samuel Bodin‘s “Cobweb

In the realm of horror cinema, the line between psychological terror and supernatural malevolence is often blurred, and “Cobweb“, a 2023 American horror thriller directed by Samuel Bodin in his directorial debut, masterfully weaves these elements together in a chilling narrative. With a screenplay by Chris Thomas Devlin, previously recognized on The Black List in 2018, and a talented cast featuring Lizzy Caplan, Woody Norman, Cleopatra Coleman, and Antony Starr, “Cobweb” is a haunting exploration of family secrets and the horrors that can lurk within our own homes.

Cobweb 2023

The Tale Unfolds

At the heart of “Cobweb” is the story of Peter, an eight-year-old boy who leads a life filled with isolation and torment. Lizzy Caplan and Woody Norman deliver compelling performances as Peter’s overbearing yet emotionally distant parents, Carol and Mark. Peter’s fragile existence takes a dark turn when he forms an eerie connection with a mysterious voice, Sarah, who claims to have been imprisoned in the walls of their home by his own parents.

A Slow Descent into Madness

As the narrative unfolds, “Cobweb” delves deeper into the psychological turmoil plaguing young Peter. The film brilliantly portrays the intersection of Peter’s innocence and his growing darkness as he becomes increasingly convinced of his parents’ malevolence. The tension escalates when Peter takes drastic action, leading to a series of gruesome events that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Cobweb 2023 review

The Horrors Within

Cobweb” weaves a supernatural thread into its tapestry of horror. The presence of Sarah, the voice from the walls, adds an element of the unknown and otherworldly. Cleopatra Coleman delivers a haunting performance as Sarah, a character whose tragic past and unsettling appearance drive the film’s supernatural elements. The film masterfully balances the psychological terror with the supernatural, creating an atmosphere of dread that lingers long after the credits roll.

The Unraveling

The film’s climax is a heart-pounding sequence that reveals the darkest secrets of Peter’s family. The tension reaches its zenith as Peter confronts the truth about his parents, Sarah’s origins, and the gruesome fate that awaits him. The final act is a nail-biting race against time, as Peter and his substitute teacher, Ms. Devine, played by a superb Antony Starr, strive to outwit the malevolent force that threatens to consume them.

The Haunting Aftermath

The conclusion of “Cobweb” leaves viewers with an unsettling sense of unease, mirroring the disturbing events that precede it. It serves as a reminder that the terrors of the mind can be just as chilling as those of the supernatural. With its exceptional direction and talented cast, “Cobweb” marks a remarkable debut for Samuel Bodin, hinting at a promising future for the director in the realm of horror cinema.

Cobweb Review 2023


In conclusion, “Cobweb” is an absolute must-see for horror enthusiasts who appreciate the perfect blend of psychological torment and supernatural dread. With its captivating narrative, exceptional performances, and an enduring sense of unease that lingers well beyond the closing credits, “Cobweb” firmly establishes itself as an outstanding contribution to the horror genre. Prepare to be haunted by the sinister secrets concealed within the chilling tale’s very walls.

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