“Bird Box Barcelona” – A Thrilling Spin-Off with Mixed Results

Bird Box Barcelona Reviews

A Haunting World of Emotion-Manipulating Entities

Bird Box Barcelona, the 2023 Spanish post-apocalyptic horror thriller directed and written by Álex and David Pastor, takes audiences back into the terrifying world of emotion-manipulating entities that first gripped our imagination in the 2018 hit “Bird Box.” This time, the story is set in the picturesque backdrop of Barcelona, Spain, where the survival of humanity hinges on blindfolds and a constant struggle against invisible horrors.

An Intriguing Spin-Off with a Familiar Premise

The film follows Sebastián and his daughter Anna as they navigate this nightmarish world, where the mere sight of the entities leads people to commit suicide. The concept of having to wear blindfolds outdoors to protect oneself from these malevolent forces immediately sets the tone for tension and suspense. As the plot unfolds, we learn that Sebastián is not just another survivor but a “seer”, someone immune to the entities’ deadly influence. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the story, setting it apart from its predecessor.

A Tale of Redemption and Sacrifice

The film ingeniously weaves a narrative that explores themes of redemption and sacrifice. Sebastián’s quest to “save” others by leading them to confront the entities, as inspired by the apparition of his daughter Anna, forms the emotional core of the story. It’s a tale of a father’s love and his journey towards making amends for past mistakes. The character dynamics and performances are commendable, particularly in the interactions between Sebastián, Claire, and Sofia.

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A Dark and Uncertain Journey

The journey towards Montjuïc Castle, the supposed safe refuge, is fraught with tension and uncertainty. The diverse group of survivors, each with their unique skills and backgrounds, adds depth to the narrative. Octavio’s scientific theories about the entities and Sofia’s harrowing separation from her mother are just a couple of the intriguing subplots that keep the audience engaged.

Mixed Reviews and a Puzzling Ending

Despite its promising premise and strong character development, “Bird Box Barcelona” falls short of delivering a truly satisfying experience. The film’s pacing is uneven, with some sequences feeling drawn out, while others could have used more exploration. The decision to abruptly eliminate certain characters, like Rafa, feels somewhat forced and diminishes their potential impact on the plot.

The ultimate confrontation between Sebastián and Padre Esteban is intense but leaves some unanswered questions. The film’s resolution, although emotionally resonant, may leave audiences wanting more closure and clarity regarding the entities and their origins.


Bird Box Barcelona” is a worthy spin-off that revisits the terrifying world of the original while offering a fresh perspective and intriguing character dynamics. The film’s exploration of redemption and sacrifice is its greatest strength, but its uneven pacing and a somewhat ambiguous conclusion prevent it from reaching the heights of its predecessor. Nonetheless, it’s a chilling and emotionally charged thriller that will leave you pondering the nature of fear, love, and the choices we make in the face of unspeakable horrors.

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