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Assassin” Fails to Strike a Memorable Chord in the Action Genre

An Underwhelming Farewell for Bruce Willis

In “Assassin,” director Jesse Atlas attempts to blend science fiction, espionage, and identity exploration into a thought-provoking action thriller. However, despite a promising premise, the film falls short in execution, delivering a lackluster cinematic experience that fails to leave a lasting impression.

A Futuristic Espionage Tale

The film’s premise revolves around cutting-edge technology that allows agents to inhabit the bodies of others for covert missions. When Agent Sebastian is killed during one such mission, his wife, Alexa (played by Nomzamo Mbatha), steps in to unravel the mystery behind his death. Under the guidance of Valmora (Bruce Willis), the enigmatic leader of a private military operation, Alexa embarks on a mission to both save her husband and eliminate a dangerous international villain, Adrian (Dominic Purcell).

Lackluster Execution and Weak Characterization

One of the primary shortcomings of “Assassin” lies in its execution. While the film’s core concept of body-swapping for espionage purposes holds promise, it is poorly realized on screen. The fantasy element of inhabiting another person’s physicality lacks the depth and immersion needed to captivate the audience. Instead, the film relies on a repetitive formula of action sequences devoid of suspense or creativity.

Characterization is another significant letdown. Alexa, despite being portrayed by Nomzamo Mbatha, feels like a one-dimensional character throughout the film. Her transformation from a grieving wife to a skilled assassin lacks depth and emotional engagement. Even with a talented cast, the characters remain largely undeveloped, leaving the audience detached from their fates.

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Bruce Willis‘s Farewell

Assassin” is particularly notable for being Bruce Willis‘s final film role. While he has more screen time compared to some of his recent appearances, his performance often comes across as disinterested. In a climactic scene shared with Mbatha, his lack of engagement is palpable, a disappointing farewell for a once-iconic actor.

Underwhelming Visuals and Budget Constraints

The film’s limited budget becomes apparent in its depiction of futuristic technology, which feels rudimentary and uninspired. The settings lack a sense of place, and the film’s vague geographical portrayal undermines the credibility of the storyline. While the international cast showcases talent, their roles seem underutilized and fail to add depth to the narrative.


Assassin” promised a fusion of sci-fi, espionage, and identity exploration but ultimately falls short of expectations. Despite a talented cast, the film’s weak execution, underdeveloped characters, and uninspiring visuals result in a forgettable addition to the action genre. As Bruce Willis‘s final film role, it’s a regrettable footnote to a once-illustrious career. “Assassin” may serve as a time-killer for action enthusiasts but leaves little to be remembered.

Assassin – summary

Assassin” lacks the ingenuity and emotional engagement required to make it a standout sci-fi action thriller, making it a rather underwhelming cinematic experience.

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