Aporia (2023) – Provoking Journey Through Time and Choice

Aporia,” a film directed and written by Jared Moshe, takes audiences on a profound journey of contemplation, navigating themes of grief, love, and the intricate consequences of our choices. Released in 2023, this cinematic masterpiece delves into the life of Sophie, a woman grappling with the profound loss of her husband. In a serendipitous twist, she stumbles upon a clandestine time-bending machine. As we immerse ourselves in this captivating narrative, we are confronted with complex themes, extraordinary performances, and a distinct perspective on the multiverse theory.

Aporia (2023)

A Poignant Exploration of Grief

At the core of the film “Aporia” resides Sophie’s profound struggle with grief, masterfully portrayed by the talented Judy Greer. While she is renowned for her remarkable supporting roles, Greer truly shines as the lead, delivering an enthralling performance that authentically captures the raw emotions of a woman navigating life after loss. Her portrayal serves as the anchor of the film, effortlessly drawing the audience into her world of heartache and yearning.

A Stellar Ensemble Cast

Greer’s exceptional performance is not the sole reason for the film’s success. Edi Gathegi, Peyman Moaadi, and Faithe Herman elevate the narrative with their skilled acting, adding depth to the story. Each character brings a unique perspective that enriches the film’s overall quality.

Exploring the Multiverse and Time Travel

Aporia” delves into the mesmerizing realm of time travel and alternate realities, a theme that has enthralled audiences for generations. The film artfully navigates the human perspective of the multiverse theory, crafting a captivating narrative that keeps viewers completely engrossed. With its exploration of choice and consequence across parallel universes, the story gains layers of complexity and intrigue, leaving audiences mesmerized.

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Aporia (2023)

Moral Dilemmas and Consequences

One of the film’s greatest strengths lies in its courageous exploration of the moral quandaries presented by the time-bending machine. It dares to challenge the notion that the pursuit of personal happiness at any cost is the ultimate objective. Instead, “Aporia” implores viewers to contemplate the responsibility and repercussions that accompany our choices, offering a refreshing departure from the conventional Hollywood narrative.

A Visually Thoughtful Palette

The film’s deliberate and effective use of a muted color palette reflects the blurred boundaries between reality and alternate realities. This intentional choice complements the narrative by emphasizing the ambiguity of choices and their consequences, while adding a layer of visual symbolism that enhances the storytelling.


Although “Aporia” showcases excellence in various aspects, it does possess a few deficiencies. The mechanical contraption symbolizing the time-bending machine may be deemed impractical by certain viewers, potentially hindering the immersive experience of the story. Furthermore, the film overlooks the daughter’s response to her father’s reappearance, leaving unanswered queries about memory and emotional impact.

Aporia (2023)

Pacing and Chemistry

Certain viewers might perceive the film’s pace as slower than their personal preference, potentially impacting their overall engagement. Moreover, the chemistry between the main couple, a vital aspect in a narrative centered around love and choices, might not resonate profoundly with all audiences.


In “Aporia” director Jared Moshe presents a captivating exploration of grief, choices, and their repercussions, all within the intriguing framework of time travel and alternate realities. With exceptional performances from Judy Greer and the supporting cast, the film successfully challenges traditional storytelling and encourages viewers to contemplate the intricacies of their decisions. While not flawless, “Aporia” is a valuable addition to the genre, offering a fresh perspective and leaving audiences pondering the paths they traverse in their own lives.

4.7/5 - Movie Rating!

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