ALONE AT NIGHT (2023) Review: A Shaky Descent into Darkness


In the realm of modern thrillers, “ALONE AT NIGHT” (2023) endeavors to carve out its niche, offering a suspenseful yet somewhat faltering journey into the darkness of isolation, obsession, and terror. Directed and penned by Jimmy Giannopoulos, the film boasts a star-studded cast featuring Ashley Benson, Luis Guzm├ín, Pamela Anderson, Jake Weary, and Sky Ferreira, among others. It attempts to interlace the harrowing experience of a cam girl with the eerie presence of a masked killer, all against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the premise shows promise, “ALONE AT NIGHT” struggles to maintain a cohesive narrative, leaving audiences with a mixed bag of thrills and frustrations.


Plot and Atmosphere

The film introduces us to Vicky (Ashley Benson), a young woman seeking solace in a remote cabin after a tumultuous breakup. While at the cabin, she continues her work as a cam girl on an adults-only streaming website. The stage is set for suspense as power outages and connectivity issues disrupt her routine. Yet, beyond the isolated cabin and the masked killer lurking in the shadows, “ALONE AT NIGHT” attempts to juggle multiple storylines, including the peculiar world of a trashy reality show, “Trap Stars,” which Vicky enjoys watching, and the complex interactions with various visitors.

Character Dynamics

Despite a talented ensemble cast, character development takes a back seat in the film. While we see Ashley Benson‘s Vicky grapple with isolation, rejection, and fear, the supporting characters often feel underdeveloped and serve as mere plot devices. The potential for deeper exploration of their backstories and motives is left unfulfilled.

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COVID-19 Context

One notable aspect of “ALONE AT NIGHT” is its incorporation of the COVID-19 pandemic into the storyline, attempting to evoke a sense of isolation and loneliness. However, this element does not significantly contribute to the film’s overall impact, feeling more like a superficial layer rather than an integral part of the narrative.

Suspense and Horror Elements

The film’s core premise of a masked killer in the woods holds the promise of spine-tingling suspense. Yet, “ALONE AT NIGHT” struggles to generate genuine fear or tension. The slasher sequences are formulaic, and the pacing often leaves much to be desired. Viewers looking for a genuinely heart-pounding experience may be left wanting.



“ALONE AT NIGHT” (2023) ventures into a chilling world where isolation meets terror, with a cast that hints at potential greatness. However, its attempts to blend various storylines, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, fall short of achieving a cohesive narrative. The film’s character development is lacking, and its suspense elements are disappointingly predictable. While it presents an intriguing premise, “ALONE AT NIGHT” ultimately fails to fully deliver on its promise, resulting in a somewhat aimless and unsatisfying thriller.

In the crowded landscape of suspenseful cinema, “ALONE AT NIGHT” may leave audiences yearning for a more immersive and tightly-woven narrative, despite its occasional moments of eerie intrigue.

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