65 – A Dinosaur Adventure That Divides Opinions


Mixed Reactions from Sci-Fi Enthusiasts


A Sci-Fi Thriller that Divides Audiences

65 –  the science fiction action thriller directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods in 2023, offers a tantalizing glimpse into a world where the boundaries between past and future blur. While this film boasts an intriguing premise and breathtaking visual effects, it leaves audiences divided in their assessments.

The Good – Visual Spectacle and Suspenseful Encounters

One undeniable strength of “65” lies in its captivating visual presentation. The CGI dinosaurs are a marvel to behold, rivaling the standards set by the beloved “Jurassic Park” franchise. The filmmakers adeptly create a perilous world filled with dangerous creatures and suspenseful encounters that keep viewers engrossed throughout the film. The action sequences and thrilling moments provide the necessary adrenaline rush for those seeking excitement.

A Missed Opportunity – Predictable Plot and Character Development

However, where “65” falls short is in its storytelling. The plot, despite its intriguing concept of time-traveling space crash, feels disappointingly predictable and formulaic. Viewers are taken on a journey that follows familiar beats, leaving little room for surprises.

Character development also leaves much to be desired. Although Adam Driver delivers a solid performance, the characters lack depth and fail to forge a strong emotional connection with the audience. This deficiency in character development hampers the film’s ability to truly engage viewers on a personal level.

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Inconsistent Pacing and Lack of Originality

The film’s pacing is another point of contention. Some viewers found the middle portion of the movie to be slow and uneventful, detracting from the overall experience. Additionally, “65” faces criticism for heavily borrowing elements from other dinosaur-themed films, lacking the originality needed to make it stand out in a crowded genre.

Final Verdict – “65” Offers Spectacle but Falls Short in Storytelling

In conclusion, “65” is a film that elicits mixed reactions from audiences. While it excels in delivering stunning visuals and heart-pounding encounters with prehistoric creatures, its shortcomings in terms of plot predictability, character development, and pacing hinder it from reaching its full potential. “65” may captivate those seeking a visual spectacle, but it may leave others yearning for greater depth and innovation in their sci-fi adventures.

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